Reclaiming the authenticity of chai

For those who are familiar with the depth of flavour in real South Asian chai, it bears very little resemblance to the single flavoured chai-tea-lattes found in coffee shops across the USA.

Making authentic chai with real tea, spices and milk is a labour of love that can take time and be messy, so the founders of Chime decided it was time to create a machine that does it for you.


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Brand Visual & Verbal Identity

Shopify Design & Development

Performance Marketing

A brand to celebrate the warmth and richness of South Asian chai

The three dots in the brand logo represent the three ingredients of chai: tea, spices and milk but also form a shape made by the machine’s 3 components viewed from above.

This sits against striking photography to celebrate the rich tapestry of ingredients found in the diversity of chai recipes around the world.

An ecommerce destination to educate and inspire

We designed and developed the e-commerce store (using Shopify) to bring awareness to those unfamiliar with real chai but also inspire those familiar with the drink to understand the benefits and ease of this revolutionary new system.

The shopping path encouraged easy check out with machine and cap bundles and subscriptions, along with the ability to allow for upselling through the buying journey.

Driving conversions with performance marketing and SEO

Engaging videos and messaging were deployed across online media (Google/Meta), along with paid search designed to drive meaningful traffic to the ecommerce site. Email automation and social media content was used to convert new customers and drive more chai purchases among existing users.